How VR has transformed learning in financial services ebook

Finserv mini-series: All you need to know about VR training in 20 minutes

We’ve seen firsthand the success that comes with making Virtual Reality training central to long-term learning strategy in consumer banking. Not with VR as a silver bullet, but as a flexible and scalable means to achieving critical goals that go beyond simply “better training.” 

That’s why we created the Finserv L&D mini-series on enterprise VR training. It’s four videos, five minutes each, packed with detailed info that you need to know about enterprise VR training at a financial institution. 

Plus you’ll get links to ebooks, infographics, blogs, and other resources that will help on your journey to VR training.

What’s in the mini-series:

1. The basics: Virtual Reality in Financial Services

2. The use cases that bring measurable impact

3. How VR affects people, profits, and purpose

4. Implementation: From pilot to scale

Watch mini-series: