VR graphic of a black man in a warehouse looking serious and pointing at the viewer

Why employees handle difficult conversations better with VR training

One of the most critical capabilities for today’s employees, especially managers, is the ability to handle difficult conversations, which are happening in the workplace all the time. But it’s challenging to teach.

Without real-world experience, people don’t get the practice and confidence they need to properly de-escalate and resolve conflict. Can you afford to wait for employees to get better at handling difficult conversations while they “practice” on actual customers and colleagues? 

Companies like Walmart and Verizon say no. They’ve turned to Strivr’s unique VR-based training methodology and quickly improved employees’ skills, confidence, and even empathy.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Strivr’s product lead for soft skills, George Karalis, to learn about why VR training is so powerful for practicing how to handle difficult workplace conversations.

In the webinar, we share:

  • How VR incorporates cognitive and behavioral science to instill conversation-handling techniques
  • Best practices for developing and implementing immersive soft skills training
  • How we use behavioral and verbal data from VR to predict real world ability to handle difficult conversations

Watch on-demand webinar: