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Why CLOs should care about the future of the Metaverse


Strivr CEO Derek Belch, a smiling, brown-haired white man

Derek Belch

Founder & CEO, Strivr

Krista Taylor, Global Immersive Learning Lead, Accenture

Krista Taylor

Global Immersive Learning Lead, Accenture

You’ve seen the news and read the opinions, and by now you’re presumably bought into the idea that the Metaverse is coming, maybe even in a big way. What you may not know is that corporate learning has one of the most important roles to play in getting us to the Metaverse. How? Find out in our on-demand webinar.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from two of today’s top thought leaders and implementers of immersive technology in the enterprise, as they share how L&D professionals are leading the way to the Metaverse through Virtual Reality-based training. It’s not a pie-in-the-sky future state, but rather an approach that is providing immediate and measurable enterprise-wide impact today. It’s also why more than half of enterprises expect to invest at least $1 million in immersive learning in the next two years, with many expecting to invest more than $10 million. Enterprise VR is the bridge to the Metaverse, and L&D professionals are leading the way.

Watch to learn:

  • Insights and statistics from Accenture’s global research on immersive learning in the enterprise
  • Why L&D should lead immersive initiatives in order to show business impact and ROI
  • Why the emerging Metaverse actually doesn’t change much today, but could change everything tomorrow
  • Suggestions for how L&D leaders should think about, plan for, and implement immersive learning solutions 

Watch on-demand webinar: