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Fireside chat with Josh Bersin

No business function has felt the far-ranging effects of 2020 more than HR. Yet, HR teams have performed heroically, meeting needs even as employees were sent home, operating models changed, new roles popped up, safer workplaces became a new focus, and much more.

After such transformation, what should we expect in 2021? 

In this upcoming fireside chat, Strivr Founder & CEO Derek Belch will talk once again with global industry analyst Josh Bersin about the “state of the union” as we wrap up a truly unprecedented year. They’ll discuss the rapidly changing role of HR in the enterprise and spotlight some of the amazing and inspirational initiatives that HR leaders are leading to support their people and businesses. 

Plus, Josh will give us a sneak peak at his 2021 predictions for HR, technology, and employee experience. 

Register to learn more about:

  • Why employee experience is more mature and integrated than ever
  • How CHROs have a seat at the table in a big way
  • Why “work from home” is now an outdated term
  • How you can make soft skills and a culture of belonging central to your success

Featured speakers

Josh Bershin

Josh Bersin

Global industry analyst & Dean of Josh Bersin Academy

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Derek Belch

Founder & CEO, Strivr

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