Creating inclusive workplaces with Immersive Learning

An inclusive workplace is only possible through effective and productive communication. Employees need opportunities to practice their communication skills, and learn techniques for improving other skills like situational awareness and taking initiative. But how can you provide these opportunities in a safe environment to practice, make mistakes, and grow?

This is the power of VR-based Immersive Learning

In this ebook, learn about how inclusive conversation training in VR can be a more effective path to an inclusive work environment than trying to eliminate exclusionary behaviors. Since presence in VR makes learners feel like they’re really in the scenario, they gain perspective from different viewpoints and internalize their training more deeply. With Immersive Learning as part of a robust DEI strategy, your company can make great strides towards a more inclusive workplace.

Download the ebook to learn:

  • The science behind why VR is a more effective medium than videos or lectures
  • How Immersive Learning offers practice for communication, situational awareness, and taking initiative
  • The three experiences that make up immersive inclusive conversation training

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