The Ultimate Guide to Immersive Learning

Your blueprint for VR training in the enterprise

Since 2015, Virtual Reality-based training has gone from an innovative idea to a proven methodology known as Immersive Learning. Through more than 1.5 million training sessions conducted in VR and over 22,000 headsets deployed, Strivr has paved the way for Immersive Learning’s growth, while meticulously documenting the best practices for implementing at scale. 

Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Immersive Learning, the first ever clear and complete blueprint for enterprise deployment of VR-based training. Here, you’ll find Strivr’s collection of best practices that have been battle-tested by the world’s largest companies and have proven to deliver impact at scale. 

We reveal frameworks, methodologies, and tactics that have never been shared broadly before, giving you unprecedented access “behind the scenes” of a scaled deployment. You’ll learn how to identify the perfect fit for VR training, how to build the business case internally, what a successful adoption plan looks like, and how to generate excitement for learning like never before. We’ve even included recommendations from key industry experts like Josh Bersin.

Download your copy and start your journey today.

What’s in the guide:

  • Introduction
    Explore what impactful training looks like and how to bring it to life.
  • Definition of Immersive Learning
    Learn about Virtual Reality, advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design.
  • The 7 Steps to Immersive Learning
    Discover the proven process for delivery at scale, including best practices and pro tips for executing each step.
  • Making Immersive Learning happen at your company
    Review sample frameworks ready for use right now.

Download your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Immersive Learning now!