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How VR has transformed learning in Financial Services

With a quickly shifting way of doing business, banks and other financial institutions have a unique opportunity to change the paradigm in how they support their employees. Every financial services associate, from the branch to the contact center, needs engaging, effective, and consistent training to provide personalized customer experiences, reduce risk to the business and customer, and lay the groundwork for a long career in the industry.

This means going beyond the learning methods of the past and using innovative approaches to fully engage learners’ minds and bodies, hone their skills in a memorable way, and make learning fun and enjoyable. It means transforming workforce skills through Virtual Reality-based learning.

Read our ebook to dig into how VR is providing critical benefits that help financial institutions tackle their biggest workforce challenges. In the ebook:

  • How presence in VR leads to behavioral changes in the real world
  • How VR helps achieve critical objectives like reducing risk, improving customer experience, operational efficiency, and practicing soft skills
  • Examples from financial institutions that seen measurable success with VR
  • How to get started bringing VR-based learning to your company

Download the ebook: