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Redefine employee engagement with immersive learning in Virtual Reality

As an L&D professional, you are a pivotal player in driving business innovation and growth through your training programs. But you must be enabled with the right technology to assist a changing workforce in a market where every major enterprise is looking to hire hundreds and thousands more frontline workers.

Many learning pros have found that Virtual Reality-based training represents the new wave of enterprise learning because it creates real-world behavioral change in the workplace. Whether in onboarding, training, upskilling, or retention, VR helps employees become efficient and skilled from day one.

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  • Examples from top enterprises using VR to solve critical business objectives like frontline employee onboarding and retention
  • Why presence and hands-on practice in VR can help improve test scores by 10-15% for some organizations
  • The top applications for VR training, including operational efficiency, customer service, health & safety, and soft skills

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