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Tyson Foods reduces worker injuries, illnesses with VR safety training



Tyson Foods needed a better way to train staff to use equipment and handle foods in a safe manner. The company investigated a variety of technologies for awareness and training, thinking that new technology could help improve some of the key metrics. The goal was to reduce injuries by 15%. Tyson worked with STRIVR to create a next-generation learning program using VR, which would allow employees to better engage with material and retain information better. STRIVR and Tyson teamed up to identify the exact learning challenges and define the indicators of retention and improvement. Tyson began training with STRIVR in the middle of 2018.


After deploying VR as part of employee training, Tyson experienced more than a 20% reduction in injuries and illnesses compared to the year prior. This beat their goal of 15%. Initial survey results have been overwhelmingly positive; 89% of learners said they felt more prepared after VR training. The technology also has transcended language and cultural barriers, so Tyson has been able to leverage VR training across the employee population.

“We are already seeing the far reaching benefits of VR technology,” said Amy Vinson associate director, safety analytics, health and safety at Tyson Foods. “And we believe it will be an effective tool for influencing safe behavior of our team members.”

A positive change in behavior will equate to fewer incidents at work, Vinson believes, and result in healthier, happier employees. The benefits are mutual for the trainer and employee. For managers, VR is providing better training for their own work, and they’re able to collect data on how team members are responding to a certain process, allowing managers to adjust their approach.

“Without this data from the technology,” Vinson said, “these insights would not be possible.”

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Strivr Quote

The trainer is able to better understand the task at hand while the employee is learning new skills for safety and better work quality.

– Amy Vinson, Associate Director, Safety Analytics, Health and Safety, Tyson Foods