Case Study

Stanford QB Hogan has best 3 games of season after starting to use STRIVR

Stanford quarterback Hogan using STRIVR

Stanford football was having its worst season since 2009, and Stanford’s 3rd year QB, Kevin Hogan, was having his most inconsistent year in terms of completion percentage. The Cardinal were 5-5 with three games remaining. Hogan started incorporating STRIVR into his game planning routine, including reviewing plays in VR the night before the game.

15%+ increase in completion percentageTHE RESULTS

The first game, Hogan went 16-of-19 and the Cardinal crushed UCLA, 31-10. Stanford head coach David Shaw made sure VR was implemented into weekly game prep going forward, and Stanford won their final two games. Hogan’s completion percentage was above 70% in all three games.

Strivr Quote

The decision had become second nature for Hogan because he’d seen it, done it, so many times in just that 20-minute session with the headset before the game.

- Bruce Feldman, Reporter, FOX Sports

When you’re watching on film you have a birds-eye view from the sky. It’s hard to see if they’re leaning one way or the other. But with this, when you’re going through your cadence and start to go through your dummy count, you can see the safety start to creep up a little bit.

- Kevin Hogan, Former Starting QB, Stanford University