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Recently Strivr published the first edition of Rise Mag, a publication that brings to light stories of innovators, business leaders, academics, and scientists who are shaping the future of learning. 

And the future is now.

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With today’s unemployment rate at its lowest and employees’ expectations on the rise, technology can be a real differentiator — if used the right way. Technology should be an enabler that enhances the workplace experience not just for office workers, but also for front-line workers, from retail store associates to factory operators. 

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Research has shown that the opportunity to learn and grow is the number one driver of an employee’s loyalty to a company.

It’s time to reinvent performance in a way that enables leaders to measure employee growth and its impact. It’s time to modernize the way we prepare today’s workforce, and that’s why we created Rise Mag

There is a movement happening. We are seeing firsthand a growing community of leaders pave the way for massive transformation across their organizations. It’s a new approach to learning focused on employee engagement and performance. 

These leaders have taken on the challenge and are creating new experiences for their employees, from hiring to onboarding, training, and upskilling. They are bringing virtual experiences to the workplace, creating opportunities to learn skills before ever stepping foot on the job. 

The approach is called Immersive Learning, and over a million employees have used it to train. Nearly all feel more engaged, more confident, more empathetic, and better prepared to perform at their best. 

Immersive learning combines VR, advanced learning theory, data science and spatial design

Further, this community of innovators is gaining access to unique data insights that traditional learning methods have never provided, and these insights help indicate levels of engagement and potential on-the-job performance. 

Human performance is now measurable thanks to Immersive Learning.

With Rise Mag, we are now sharing these stories, their impact, and the vision of thought leaders across the industry. We hope you’re inspired to join the movement and take part in revolutionizing the future of learning. 

In this edition of Rise Mag

  • Josh Bersin’s 5 key insights on corporate learning
  • Walmart’s journey to 1M trained in VR
  • Creating a safer workplace at BMW
  • Sprouts COO on a culture of learning
  • Ray Lane, Managing Partner at Great Point Ventures, shares investor perspective

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