The framework for measuring value of an Immersive Learning platform

Measuring the impact of Strivr's immersive learning platform ebook

Like many disruptive technologies in the enterprise, Immersive Learning is rewriting the rules on how to calculate impact on people and business. Using quantitative and qualitative data from Strivr’s many scaled deployments and intelligence from millions of VR training sessions, we now know that Immersive Learning is much more than simply “better training.” 

In fact, Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform is creating measurable value across three distinct tiers of the enterprise, which we’ve developed into the first definitive value framework for Immersive Learning. 

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In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at a few poignant case studies that are highlighted in the ebook. They demonstrate how Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform is creating value in terms of cost savings, operational efficiency, and employee engagement

Decrease costs of safety incidents

One powerful remedy to create a safer workplace is better workforce preparation, and that does not come with reading a manual. Practice in Virtual Reality helps develop situational and spatial awareness that leads to safer workplace behaviors, fewer incidents, and reduced costs for Strivr customers. 

For example, in the fast-paced food processing industry, training employees to work safely and efficiently is a must. Training can be hard to get right, especially in a diverse employee population. Yet, employee health often rides on its effectiveness. A multinational food processor implemented Immersive Learning to engage learners and allow them to practice safe behaviors in a real-world plant environment. Because it is experiential, it has transcended language and cultural barriers, while touching both managers and new hires for refresher training and onboarding, respectively. 



said they enjoyed VR more than all other methods of training



felt more prepared to handle similar safety hazards in real life



were engaged with the VR training content


minutes to train on slips, trips, and falls, hazard identification, and ergonomics

Shorten new hire ramp times

After a new employee is hired, you need that person contributing as quickly as possible. Immersive Learning provides the realistic training in a virtual world that replicates the real world so new hires gain the necessary knowledge and skills faster. 

As a result of the pandemic, Sprouts found itself needing to hire thousands of new employees quickly, even as protocols were changing to keep everyone as protected and healthy as possible. Faster, safer onboarding was critical to meeting customer needs during a challenging time. With Immersive Learning, Sprouts can continue to hire and onboard as needed because they no longer rely on an approach that requires days-long group instruction or travel. 

I’m so grateful we launched this before COVID-19. I can’t imagine hiring thousands of people – which we’ve done over the last few months – and trying to give them a great onboarding experience.

Cindy Chikahisa, VP Store Operations, Sprouts

Watch our discussion with Cindy from Sprouts

With Immersive Learning as part of the revised onboarding program, values training reduced from four hours to 45 minutes in VR to get new team members out on the floor faster.



Reduction in onboarding time, from 4 hours to 45 minutes

Improve employee confidence & ability to thrive at work

For employees to thrive, they need to feel confident and prepared. Immersive Learning allows Strivr customers to provide mental repetitions in a safe environment that feels like real life, making it an ideal approach for high-stress situations that are rare but critical to feeling safe and happy at work. 

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Hear from Verizon Chief Security Officer Michael Mason about how they make employees feel safe and secure at work.

Verizon wanted to provide realistic training to teach employees how to react to armed robbery situations. By teaching employees how to manage emotions, the company emphasized what was most important: the safety of their employees and customers. Verizon associates use Immersive Learning to experience going through the critical steps of de-escalating a high-risk moment and making the right decisions under intense pressure.

With Immersive Learning, 97% of Verizon associates felt prepared for dangerous situations.

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Measuring the impact of Strivr's immersive learning platform ebook

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