The Strivr Immersive Learning Platform: Scaling the most impactful learning for enterprises

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For all the excitement about enterprise Virtual Reality training, much of it revolves around content: how to use VR in your business. From safety to customer service to operational efficiency, there are many different types of training content that can and should be in VR.

But what do you do with that content once it’s made? How do you actually get it onto the VR headsets? How do you manage and distribute content, and measure the results of VR training overall?

The answer is through an Immersive Learning platform.

Imagine buying thousands of VR headsets for your business, then stepping into a seamless system for loading them with content, distributing them far and wide, and gathering analytics on employees’ skills and performance. This is the holy grail for L&D teams that deploy VR training, and it’s only possible with Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform. 

In this blog, you’ll learn what Strivr’s platform is, how it works, and how you can use it for the easiest possible transition to VR training.

What is Strivr’s platform?

Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform is an all-in-one software to deliver enterprise VR training. It consists of three major components:

  1. Content and device management
  2. In-headset software
  3. Analytics and insights portal

Together, these components enable you to overcome some of the biggest obstacles organizations encounter when they try to adopt VR training. With Strivr’s platform, dozens of enterprises have deployed at scale successfully and measured the impact of VR training on their people and business. 

Let’s explore each of the components and how they help you solve the strategic and logistical challenges of VR training.

Distribute content across devices and locations

To be successful with Virtual Reality training, you need the flexibility to deploy and manage content across teams, locations, and devices. 

With Strivr’s platform, it’s as easy as a few clicks. When you develop a new learning module and load it into the platform, administrators can add it to any device in the field remotely. They can also take inventory of which learning modules are on which devices, and make updates as needed. 

Three graphs representing Manage Content, Content Tracking, and Device Health

This enables large enterprises to quickly deploy new immersive training modules to their entire workforce in a standardized and scalable way.

Power intuitive and engaging immersive experiences 

For many people that train with Strivr’s platform, it’s their first time using VR. We want that first experience to be memorable, engaging, and powerful. 

The platform provides a centralized location where learners can directly access all the training they are required to take, and any optional courses as well.

In the headset, Strivr’s platform provides an intuitive acclimation experience that helps learners feel comfortable and quickly navigate around, saving training time and providing higher ROI for the business. Learners can customize their in-headset experience, configuring settings such as language and closed captioning. 

Image showing a view of a warehouse from a VR headset

Going through the VR experience and actually feeling like I’m physically in the store and making those decisions, it makes me feel very comfortable going straight to the sales floor because I’ve already done it.

Walmart associate

The in-headset software is enterprise-grade, secure, and works across multiple VR headsets.

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Get the training data you need 

While each company measures training success a bit differently, there are basic data types that every organization expects to see. With Strivr’s platform, you have access to all the basics, like completion data, performance scores, and date/time/location of training.

For enterprises to get the full worth of their Immersive Learning platform, the impact goes beyond individual learning experience. Strivr’s platform enables you to show business impact.

In the platform, you can gather both collective and individual analytics from each training program you launch. What do we mean by that?

While learners move through the immersive experiences, our software captures 100 data points per second on things like where they are looking, for how long, and dozens of other behaviors. Then, the software translates those data points into analytics and insights in the user portal. 

Different charts: mind map for behavior, line chart for usage, bar chart for performance

In addition to actual performance metrics — how the learner performs in a particular module —  the Strivr platform tracks such analytics as:

  • Usage and performance
  • Posture and movement
  • Attention and engagement
  • Sentiment
  • Voice and town

Such behavioral insights are possible because Strivr’s training methodology combines VR with advanced learning theory, data science, and spatial design. It’s where years of academic research into the field of Immersive Learning meet practical application.

Customer use case

Logistics company

Safe & efficient truck loading

We can look at an example of how one enterprise gets better insights on front line workers with behavioral data. 

This logistics company currently runs different VR training programs for package handlers.

A logistics worker wearing a VR headset and hi-vis jacket in front of a pile of boxes

Thanks to a combination of performance and behavioral data from Strivr’s platform, learners and their supervisors can get an accurate picture of their capabilities and confidence in mastering the key concepts of truck loading, and ensure they are ready to apply the concepts safely and efficiently. 

At a company level, they understand the training period, completion and success rates, and concepts trained. In addition, they can identify overall areas of strength and weakness within the concepts trained.

Why we’re the #1 VR training platform for enterprise

Strivr’s platform makes enterprise VR training simple. It was purpose-built for the enterprise and has proven at companies like Walmart, Verizon, Sprouts, and others to enable the most seamless transition possible to VR training. 

The platform has handled over 1.5 million VR training sessions and with each new session, our patented data and analytics methodology improves our customers’ ability to make more intuitive, insightful, and impactful decisions on human capital. 

In this time of workforce transformation, Immersive Learning with VR is changing the game for enterprise L&D. Request a demo today to see how the #1 VR training platform could work for your business.

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