Developing a VR content creation strategy built for scale

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Immersive Learning is a powerful medium because it combines behavioral and cognitive science with highly realistic immersion into Virtual Reality (VR) environments. It is a memorable experience that has enormous impact on the ability of employees to learn. 

To realize this impact, you need to create and deploy effective and engaging VR training content. That doesn’t just happen; in this blog, we’ll talk about the most common ways that Strivr customers develop VR content.

How the Strivr Platform plays a role

Before we get into content strategy, it’s important to remember that regardless of where and how the content originates, you need the right platform to scale and measure it. This is why the Strivr Immersive Learning Platform is critical for enterprise VR training.

You can buy content anywhere, or as you’ll see in this blog, even create it yourself. Once you have content, you import it into the Strivr platform and deploy it across your enterprise at scale. 

The Strivr Platform then generates analytics and insights on learner performance and behavior. And it can do this no matter who creates the content.

Building a strategy for VR content creation

A content strategy is critical as you develop learning across several departments and topics. Your strategy should focus on decisions around who creates the content and how it’s created. 

With the right strategy, you can begin to create custom learning paths and experiences for departments and individuals depending on their needs. 

For enterprise organizations hoping to pilot Immersive Learning, there are three ways to create the content that makes the headsets “go.” 


Build, bring, and import your own content into Strivr’s platform

The first content strategy approach centers around building or bringing your own content and importing it into the Strivr platform. 

If you have a team that is creating VR content in-house, they can use Strivr’s authoring tool, the same intelligent and intuitive software that Strivr’s instructional design team uses internally. 

With this tool, your content creators can upload 360-degree or CG video and build their own Immersive Learning experiences on top of the fully immersive video. 

Screenshot from Strivr authoring tool

If you have a third-party VR content creator, you can use our SDK to hook into Strivr’s platform and generate data and analytics from the content. This way you can integrate and extract training data that’s compatible with Strivr’s reporting. 

The SDK hooks into Unity and other authoring products to pull data from content that was not created on our platform.

Our goal at Strivr is to empower all of our customers to reach this level of expertise and power their own VR content creation. We developed a training course that helps guide our customers’ and partners’ content creators on how to best create content and maximize Strivr’s tools.

Contact us to learn about the VR content creation course


Utilize the Strivr content library of pre-built experiences

As an alternative to custom VR content creation, Strivr is building out a library of Immersive Learning content. This includes pre-built content modules such as:

Strivr has also partnered with DDI, an international human resources and leadership consultancy, to create content that integrates their leadership understanding with Strivr’s immersive expertise. The Strivr platform is the only way to access this award-winning Immersive Learning content and DDI’s industry-leading leadership programs in VR.

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Overall, the Immersive Learning content library will allow any enterprise to get up and running with VR quickly while still providing effective training that produces results and meaningful behavioral insights.


Strivr produces custom content from start to finish

Most Strivr customers initially partner with us to build out best-in-class Immersive Learning content that is custom to their organization. 

The reason many companies start with this approach is because there’s a lot that goes into creating an effective, scalable, and measurable learning experience. Through powering over 1.5 million sessions across the largest enterprises, we know how to identify and develop the most efficient and high impact content for each organization.

Strivr has developed a proprietary framework that merges our academic and scientific expertise with our real-world experience designing Immersive Learning modules.

We provide the logistics, equipment, and execution while leaning on the customer as subject matter expert. It then all comes together in Strivr’s platform, where customers manage their content. The platform also includes device management, in-headset software, and an analytics and insights portal to review results. 

The Strivr VR content creation process

If you enlist Strivr to create best-in-class content, we follow a proven process that is a continuous loop for growth and expansion. This enables highly effective immersive experiences to be built and updated, while keeping it simple for you. 

The Strivr VR content creation process

During the initial strategy and curriculum design steps, Strivr instructional designers work with you to identify business objectives and map them to learning objectives. This ensures that the Immersive Learning content we create will actually improve the business

Then, we produce the content. This is an amazing and collaborative experience for our customers to truly start to see the strategy come to life. Most productions are of Hollywood-level quality, only they’re shot in your company’s store, warehouse, or office – depending on the learner group.

You’ll be involved in each aspect of production, from talent selection to final cut. Being on-site for the filming is always the most exciting part, as you get to see the script come to life and help inform the immersive content specialists throughout the creative process.

Customers can also opt for computer-generated (CG) animation instead of 360-filming; the Strivr platform supports both. We typically lean on CG for soft skills content where learners may be speaking: de-escalation, empathy, coaching, giving feedback, and more. 

Once filming or animation is complete, we use our authoring tool to build learning experiences that achieve the learning objectives. We use activities like scene hunts, scene explorations, multiple-choice quizzes, and branching. 

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The Strivr team will then push the finished content to the Strivr Immersive Learning Platform and customers manage it from there.

Many paths to one outcome: Effective Immersive Learning at scale

So whether or not you have resources for VR content creation, the Strivr platform can deliver impact and elevate workforce performance through engaging and measurable Immersive Learning experiences. 

While the outcome is ultimately the same regardless of which path you take to get there, Strivr customers typically start by utilizing Strivr’s content services before pivoting to their own content creation process. 

Schedule a chat with a VR expert to learn more about how Strivr partners with our customers. 

Still in research mode? For a deep dive into how Strivr enables the buildout of Immersive Learning content, read The Ultimate Guide to Immersive Learning.

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