Calling all VR developers: Create content for millions of Fortune 1000 employees on Strivr’s enterprise VR platform

In April, Strivr shared news of our latest round of funding, which included partnerships with Accenture and Workday. Today, we’re excited to expand this ecosystem by opening up early access to our enterprise VR platform for developers to create and publish content for the Fortune 1000. 

That’s right… the biggest companies in the world use Strivr to train their workforces at scale, so select developers will now have the chance to reach millions of employees with their best-in-class content on Strivr’s enterprise-scale platform.

Are you a VR developer? Apply for early access here.

Elevating performance through immersive experience

Strivr is the enterprise VR platform of choice for Fortune 1000 companies including Walmart, Bank of America, Sprouts, and MGM. From retail to financial services, logistics to hospitality and more, our customers trust Strivr’s platform because it’s enterprise-ready and we’ve checked all the boxes as it relates to security, scale, and ROI. 

But the main reason companies choose Strivr is for our vision: to elevate performance through immersive experience. This vision can’t be realized without great content that’s designed to help large enterprises engage and train their employees more effectively, onboard more quickly, and perform at their peak. 

In fact, many organizations are creating endless “wish lists” for engaging content, having seen the impact and efficacy that VR delivers. This growing demand for more content is real, and there is a huge opportunity for VR developers to join us in meeting that demand with Strivr’s new platform SDK. 

What is the Strivr SDK?

The Strivr Software Development Kit (SDK) enables select developers to create and publish VR content on the Strivr platform, as well as generate the immersive data and insights our customers need to make critical business decisions. 

By using Strivr’s SDK, developers will be able to reach the biggest and most innovative companies that use VR. These enterprises have thousands of learning objectives across millions of learners, and content developers now have the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on the global workforce.

The SDK also allows developers to work directly with these large enterprise customers without the need to build enterprise-grade, secure infrastructure. They can rely on Strivr to check that box. 

Who should apply for the early access program?

We’re looking for passionate VR developers that are interested in working with Strivr, using our SDK, and building best-in-class enterprise training content at scale.

Ideal partners for the early access program include developers that are…

  • Unity developers creating 3DOF and/or 6DOF content (CG or 360-video);
  • Eager to gain access to Fortune 1000 enterprise customers;
  • Capable of creating content for dozens of VR training use cases across multiple industries;
  • Interested in testing Strivr platform features and providing detailed feedback;
  • Passionate about quality content and a great end user experience.

The early access program is available by application only, with a limited number of applicants to be selected to join. To apply, simply fill out this form and someone from Strivr will be in touch.

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