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Why Strivr?

Strivr gives enterprise teams the power to elevate employee engagement, performance, and productivity at scale through AI-backed immersive learning experiences delivered in extended reality (XR) — spanning augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR).


Training sessions launched for Fortune 1000 enterprises and elite sports teams


Learners trained to drive engagement, performance, and operational efficiency


On-site deployments, spanning retail banks and grocery stores to hotels and healthcare facilities


VR experiences created, including off-the-shelf, editable, and custom content

Virtually unlimited use cases

From employee onboarding and professional development to operational safety and customer service, Strivr gives enterprise teams the power to deliver engaging, interactive XR training experiences for an infinite variety of skills and use cases.


Explore by industry

In-headset snapshot from a live action VR training course set inside a bank with a woman in business professional attire greeting a elderly male client as he enters the bank

Financial services

Snapshot from a live action VR training experience set inside a real grocery store with an overlaid prompt box asking the user to select the best way to respond to a customer's question

Retail & hospitality

in-headset snapshot of a distribution center warehouse VR environment with a prompt box asking the user to identify a piece of equipment in the scene

Logistics & manufacturing


Computer generated male flight attendant standing between two rows of seats in a digitally rendered airplane environment.

Travel & transportation

in-headset snapshot of a live action VR experience set inside a wind turbine with an overlaid prompt box asking the VR user to identify what the technician in the scene should do next to complete his inspection

Energy & utilities


Explore by objective

Need help determining the best XR use case for your organization?

Talk to one of our immersive learning experts to discover how Strivr can help your organization elevate workforce performance at scale.


Trusted by leading Fortune 1000 enterprises

There are no do-overs in live customer service, but with virtual reality, we’re able to give our frontline workforce a way to practice interacting with customers in a safe, low-pressure environment until they feel comfortable and confident.
Laura Lee
Chief Human Resources Officer, MGM Resorts
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With virtual reality, team members aren’t subject to the distractions that often occur while reading a manual or observing a PowerPoint presentation. As a result, their retention of content is better, and it takes less time to convey the message.
Dan Sanders
Chief Operating Officer, Sprouts
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Prior to VR, each employee received around ten hours of empathy training, including an in-person workshop. With Strivr, we have 30 minutes of immersion around the same topic. That’s significant savings for the company. And the scalability of the training is a major value-add.
Cleo Scott
Director of Global L&D, Verizon Business Services
Verizon logo
We are now at an inflection point where immersive technologies are taking center stage in driving the future of work. With a strategic investment in Strivr, we’re helping to fuel this future and enable enterprises to build more engaged, connected, and higher performing workforces.
Tom Loundibos
Managing Director, Accenture Ventures

Verizon protects & empowers retail associates with immersive learning

Discover how Strivr helped Verizon better protect and prepare its frontline associates to act quickly and confidently in the face of high-stakes workplace safety threats.

Immersive learning content delivered in-headset & via web

Experience content on leading XR and VR headsets, including Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest, Pico Neo, HTC Vive, and more. For enhanced accessibility, 2D web-based training experiences are also available via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Apple vision pro headset

Apple Vision Pro

Meta Quest 3 XR headset

Meta Quest

Pico Neo 3 XR headset

Pico Neo

An open laptop with a still image of a 2D immersive learning course on the screen representing Strivr's browser-based content offering


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