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30 Percentage Point Increase In Recall Of Topics After Using STRIVR



  • Data suggests that STRIVR training led to 30 percentage point increase in recall of topics, from 70% to 100%

While examining the performance of plays that are practiced in STRIVR that show up on game day is ideal, there is typically few data points to evaluate that result from this ‘play matching.’ While we expect this data set will increase over time, it is currently difficult to make strong inferences about how STRIVR is affecting performance when looking at just a relatively small amount of data. To that end, we have started to explore other data types that may have an influence on learning and performance. We recently completed an evaluation effort underway with two quarterbacks on one of our NFL teams that is helping us gain better insight into how STRIVR training can improve relevant football knowledge. As of today, we have completed our first phase of the project – collecting the same assessment data from two different QBs at two different points in time (prior to training in STRIVR and following training in STRIVR) to understand if STRIVR improves knowledge and/or reaction times. We showed that before STRIVR training some of the players did not have knowledge of several play concepts and averaged 7/10 (70%) on concept quizzes. However, after two sessions of STRIVR training, players performed perfectly and both scored 100% on all the same quizzes. The increase in recall of topics was 30 percentage points, from 70% to 100%. The next phase of the project will involve the same type of evaluation, but with players experiencing traditional training methods in order to understand if STRIVR not only improves relevant football knowledge, but that it outperforms traditional training methods.