Andre Drummond Using STRIVR

Big Improvement After Practicing With VR


Summary: The Washington Post reports the Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond corrected his free throw form last season with STRIVR and upped his career rate.

We wrote last week that we saw individuals exhibit 20% faster reaction time after training in VR. Now, new data is surfacing from one of our users and it points to another positive result: making more free throws.

In the game of basketball there are some great free throw shooters and some not-so-great ones. A variety of factors contribute to this, but two of them are physical size of the player and mental nerves/confidence. The former cannot be altered or changed, but there is no reason the latter cannot be controlled and improved. This article by the Washington Post agrees, and suggests the answer could very well be VR.

CBS Sports reported back in the fall that Andre Drummond was using STRIVR to improve his free throw shooting. After one full season of STRIVR training, it looks like there was a positive improvement. Drummond improved his free throw shooting percentage by a substantial amount. That means more points for Drummond and more points for his team.

The benefits of VR for improving free throw shooting are many. One of the big ones is enhanced visualization. Instead of closing your eyes and imagining yourself achieving success, with VR you can literally watch it happen before your eyes. And you can watch success over and over again, without seeing failure. So when you are in the real moment when it matters most, your brain knows a lot more about success than it does about failure–you are simply more prepared to succeed.

As we have mentioned before, STRIVR is committed to proving the efficacy of VR through real life data. Drummond’s improved free throw % is just one of many data points that serve as proof you can really improve by training in VR.