Case study

United Rentals uses STRIVR to reduce amount of time spent training

United Rentals trains outside sales reps (OSRs) to rent construction equipment to job sites. However, during training and onboarding it is near impossible to have OSRs learn a consistent approach to job sites. Using photos or videos in formal classroom training falls short in replicating the actual jobsite experience.

United Rentals and STRIVR used virtual reality (VR) to bring construction sites into the classroom. UR utilized STRIVR’s immersive training platform to create a next-gen learning program for OSRs that utilizes VR technology. United Rentals recreated the 5 phases of construction in VR so that new OSRs are able to learn while feeling like they are actually on a site, but without actually being there.


Time spent on learning the phases of construction and the relevant contractors has increased in effectiveness while reducing time spent in that training by 40%. United Rentals has now rolled this training out to all OSR new hires.


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Strivr Quote

Do they see that excavation—a hole in the ground, filled with water; do they see that opportunity to rent that customer a pump?

– Patrick Barrett, Director of Training, United Rentals