STRIVR elevates performance through immersive experience

Our purpose

Empower people to perform at their best

STRIVR gives people the tools to experience better. To be more prepared for new challenges. To gain confidence in their abilities. To improve each and every day.

Our promise

Make practice perfect

STRIVR combines real-world experience and technology to make practice not only more effective, but also more enjoyable. With STRIVR, the days of “have to” are replaced by “want to”, and the results will speak for themselves.

We value the things that make people better. Teamwork. Grit. Passion. We live these words every day, in the halls of our office and alongside our customers who are breaking new ground with the introduction of VR to their training routine. We exist to help the world get better and to empower people to realize their full potential.

STRIVR was created by a world-renowned expert in virtual reality and a football coach looking to give his players an extra edge. Stanford University and its football team were the testing ground for the STRIVR product. The result was a revolutionary way for individuals to prepare for important situations—and the world of training changed forever.

Walmart uses STRIVR to train its store associates
Texas Tech uses STRIVR to enhance film study
Man using STRIVR VR
Female using STRIVR VR
Little boy on lap using STRIVR VR
Announcers using STRIVR
Clemson using STRIVR