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On Demand Webinars

Learn how VR-training is boosting engagement and business performance

Join Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, as he and Strivr’s CEO, Derek Belch, sit down to discuss the emerging use of Immersive Learning to bring employee experience and training into the future. Belch and Bersin will also reflect on the impact of the next generation of data VR enables and how it helps employers predict on-the-job performance.

Future of Work Webinar

Future of work:Transforming the employee journey with experiential learning

The workplace is changing dramatically. New disruptive technologies are continuously being introduced, and the challenge of attracting, training and retaining talent has never been greater. Join this webinar to learn how Walmart is transforming the employee experience for everyone in the front-line to management suite, and elevating performance through immersive learning.

VR Webinar: Operational Efficiency

Redefining operational efficiency with immersive learning

With operational excellence now mandatory, the pressure is on for companies to develop employees with optimal training and ongoing development. View this webinar to understand how companies like JetBlue and Walmart leverage Immersive Learning to improve daily operations, prepare their workforce (even for rare situations), cut training time and get ready for the rollout of new processes or equipment. All without interrupting business.

VR Webinar: Workplace Safety

Improving workplace safety with immersive learning

Putting strong safety procedures in place is more than an operational effort; it’s a people issue. Join an interactive discussion with Verizon’s VP of Global Learning & Development on how VR-based learning can address key safety training challenges and better prepare employees for real-world situations.

VR Webinar: Workplace Training

How Companies Are Using VR for Training

Watch a recording of this webinar which features STRIVR co-founder and Stanford professor Jeremy Bailenson with STRIVR VP of Product Yelena Drabkin. The two discuss how VR is transforming the way organizations train and develop their talent.