Improving workplace safety with immersive learning

Learn how Verizon uses VR for safety training

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Safety and liability are critical concerns for every company today. But traditional safety training is under-effective.

Today, immersive technologies enable a fundamentally better way to properly equip employees to excel at their roles and practice split-second decision-making skills in a safe environment. Real-world simulation provides real-world behavioral change in the workplace, resulting in employees who are more engaged and better prepared.

Join Lou Tedrick, the VP of Global Learning and Development at Verizon, with STRIVR’s VP of Customer Success, Rich Wang, and Chief Science Officer, Michael Casale, for a webinar on improving workplace safety with Immersive Learning.

You’ll learn:

  • How Immersive Learning is transforming workplace safety
  • The most common use cases and resulting business impact
  • How Verizon has implemented and benefited from Immersive Learning
  • Which data and insights are important and unique to VR-based safety training
  • Tips on how to get started at your own company


Rich Wang

Rich Wang

Vice President, Customer Success, STRIVR
Michael Casale

Michael Casale

Chief Science Officer, STRIVR
Lou Tedtrick

Lou Tedrick

Vice President, Global Learning & Development, Verizon

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