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STRIVR @ Grace Hopper Celebration trailblazing in talent acquisition with VR training & assessment

It’s been a big week for us at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018. We’ve been working with one of our customers, Walmart, to debut a cutting-edge and revolutionary way to approach talent acquisition. Below is the story:


Walmart is transforming its approach to training employees, working with STRIVR to roll out VR to more than a million of its associates starting next month. This shows firsthand Walmart’s commitment and dedication to developing its workforce and giving employees new opportunities to improve their skills. And the company hasn’t stopped there. Walmart is now rolling out VR in the talent acquisition portion of its business as well, using the technology to prepare hiring managers for both sides of the interview process. This represents a significant and meaningful leap by the world’s biggest company to incorporate new technology into the talent acquisition process. Both STRIVR and Walmart are at GHC this week where the applications are on full display.

INTERVIEWER TRAINING: It’s all about the reps…

STRIVR and Walmart have partnered to provide Walmart hiring managers with a safe space to exercise their interview skills and tactics. A VR simulation has been created to guide employees through an interview, helping them practice identifying certain intangible qualities in candidates like teamwork or resourcefulness. The immersive experience will help employees practice verbal and nonverbal skills, including hand and head movements. Interviewing can be challenging and it’s one of those skills that we all can benefit from practicing. Now, Walmart’s hiring managers will have access to an immersive, on-demand, real-world training experience, with unlimited repetitions. In today’s battle for talent, not only are companies interviewing potential candidates, but candidates are interviewing the companies as well. The more prepared and polished the interviewer is, the better the candidate’s experience will be — ultimately enhancing and streamlining the overall hiring process. STRIVR’s work with Walmart on interviewer training is aiming to do just this.

“This experience for Walmart hiring mangers is a way for them to practice without the risk of anyone feeling awkward, silly, or uncomfortable,” said Nicole Gonzalez, STRIVR Solution Architect who helped design the training scenario. “It’s an incredibly important skill, and current training like role plays just isn’t working well. VR can redefine what it means to practice–and improve–these softer skills.”

CANDIDATE EVALUATION: Taking the bias out of assessment…

Talent acquisition is consistently ranked as a top priority by C-level and HR executives. The current employment market has more job openings than there are candidates to fill them, so it is critically important for companies to put their best foot forward during the talent acquisition process. The most common challenges in this process are attracting the right candidates, finding candidates with the right experience, and reducing turnover.

With this in mind, Walmart has also deployed a first-of-its-kind candidate evaluation tool for assessing potential job candidates. A similar tool has been used in the sports world by the Detroit Pistons during this year’s NBA Combine to evaluate potential draft picks, and now Walmart is applying it in the corporate world. STRIVR and Walmart’s Candidate Evaluation will debut with potential job candidates at GHC taking place this week. Candidates interviewing for jobs at Walmart will use VR to walk through a series of real-life work scenarios and decisions to measure their skills in working as a team.


“We’re committed to Walmart being an inclusive company,” said Lorraine Stomski, Walmart’s VP of Global Learning & Leadership. “Using VR is one way we are leaning into the future by ensuring the tools we use are objective and help identify the best talent in the market.”

Not only is Walmart preparing its people to conduct more effective interviews and increase the likelihood of a positive candidate experience, but it’s also using cutting-edge tech to deliver a consistent, unbiased assessment of real-world decision making, taking any potential bias out of the equation when assessing candidates. As a result, Walmart anticipates it will more readily find candidates who are the right fit, for the right position that will flourish and be more suited to stay with the company a long time.

VR is continuing to show its strength as a solution for many facets of Human Capital Management. We’ve seen learning, training, onboarding, and now talent acquisition. It takes trailblazers like Walmart to show what’s truly possible and how innovation can improve employee experience, business processes and ultimately impact the bottom line. Blaze on, Walmart…