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Free Report: Implementing Virtual Reality to Transform Employee Training

Organizations as varied as Walmart, BMW, Chipotle, Tyson, Nationwide, the NFL, and Fidelity are transforming their employee training today with Virtual Reality—and driving measurable performance results. Immersive technologies provide a new and improved approach to employee training and include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). There is a lot of hype around these technologies and it’s easy to feel both excited and overwhelmed. This report will provide information about tips to help you implement an immersive training solution. It will cover:

In this report, you will learn four reasons why VR training is better than traditional training practices, including:

  • Why VR for training?
  • Getting started: finding the right use case
  • Executing a Proof of Concept & measuring success

Whether you are completely new to VR or have experimented already, this report should help you prepare for a world where nearly all employees, regardless of industry, will be instructed, trained, and assessed using immersive technologies. Get your copy today!

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