Practice Makes the Champion

“Übung macht den Meister”. A common German saying, this translates to “practice makes the champion”. A perfect phrase for our newest customer.

We are proud to announce the Deutsher Fußball Bund (DFB)—or to Americans, the German National Soccer Federation—has joined on with STRIVR. (update: check out SportTechie’s article here.)

At STRIVR we work with some of the world’s top organizations, whether it’s on construction sites or athletic fields. We work with the world’s top retailer and No. 1 on the Fortune 500, Wal-Mart, helping their employees improve at their jobs. Our sports customers are perennial powers and reside among their sport’s elite, like the Dallas Cowboys, Clemson Football, and Chicago Blackhawks. These teams use STRIVR to enhance their prep for real game situations.

And so it’s not surprising that our newest customer follows the same script of being one of the best in their field.

The defending World Cup Champions and the DFB youth teams will be using STRIVR to improve and maintain their status as one of the world’s elite Federations. STRIVR will be incorporated into the DFB Academy, a unit within the DFB that focuses on player development. DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach on the mission of the DFB Academy: “with this academy, we aim to continue improving–this must be our goal. You cannot afford to stand still at the top level of sport. With the academy, we want to ensure that the entire spectrum of German football will become even stronger, more attractive and better.”

We believe STRIVR is a perfect technology to contribute to this goal. The DFB will be using the same tech that is proven to increase recall of information, quicken reaction time, and speed up the learning curve to enhance player development and preparation for matches. A big component of STRIVR is the ability to practice real-life situations over and over again in preparation for the biggest moments. STRIVR will help DFB players gain the mental edge by improving decision-making and instinct, an edge that can make or break a match.

Markus Weise, who heads the DFB Academy’s conceptual development unit, has put it best: “VR is an exciting technology that is only just beginning to show the full range of opportunities it offers. It is something we want to be part of, not just as observers but as drivers, shaping it to meet our specific requirements. It is going to be very interesting and indeed challenging to test the technology under training and competitive conditions. STRIVR are pioneers in the field of VR and its application to sport, and I’m certain we have found the ideal partners to achieve our objectives.”

We welcome the DFB to the STRIVR family and look forward to helping them maintain their place as one of soccer’s global elite. “Übung macht den Meister”. Practice makes the champion. With STRIVR, the DFB is ushering in a new form of practice, with the same end goal in mind: remain champions.