Strivr is the platform of choice for enterprise VR

Strivr was founded in 2015 in Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, using the football field as our proving ground. Since then, we have expanded from the athlete to the employee, bringing immersive learning to over a million Fortune 1000 employees.

Enterprise platform built for scale

Strivr enables L&D, HR, and talent teams to manage, deliver, and measure immersive content across thousands of locations. We are enterprise-ready: infrastructure, integrations, security, data privacy, and compliance.

World-class immersive content

Strivr’s proprietary methodology for building skills capitalizes on VR’s amazing immersive features to boost overall program success. Our approach lays the foundation for predictive insights and deep data sets on workforce skills and behaviors.

Proven impact on employees, operations, and culture

Improved knowledge retention. Faster training. Increased productivity and efficiency. High engagement and sentiment scores. Across 1 MILLION sessions – the most of any VR platform.

Trusted by the biggest and the best

We work with Walmart, Bank of America, Sprouts, Verizon, MGM Resorts, and many other Fortune 500s. World-renowned researchers, analysts, and investors – including Dr. Jeremy Bailenson and Josh Bersin – advise our team and champion our solutions.

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