Executive roundtable, Rob Lauber, XLO Global CEO and Derek Belch, Strivr CEO

“Why would I want to work for you?”

An exclusive roundtable event for C-level executives to discuss attracting & engaging today’s frontline workforce

June 21st, 11AM PT | 2PM ET

What do you say when a frontline worker asks the question: “Why would I want to work here?” 

Is your answer compelling? More compelling than other companies? 

Frontline workers have more choices than ever about where to work, and it’s actually become a competitive disadvantage if you can’t attract and engage them. It sounds simple, yet so many companies fail to design L&D initiatives that focus on employee engagement and, thus, they miss out on the best candidates and significant ROI. 

At this invite-only roundtable event, Rob Lauber, CEO at XLO Global and former CLO at McDonald’s, and Derek Belch, CEO at Strivr, will lead a strategic discussion on the topic of attracting and engaging frontline talent. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from and interact with your Fortune 500 peers, as well as understand the role that Virtual Reality plays in engaging and upskilling frontline workers.

What to expect:

  1. A discussion-based event, where you will have the opportunity to both listen and share
  2. Detailed insights into Rob’s three pillars for answering the question, “Why would I want to work here?”
  3. Strategies for using Virtual Reality as a hiring, engagement, and training tool

Featured speaker:

Rob Lauber

CEO of XLO Global and Former CLO of McDonald’s

About the Speaker:

As an industry recognized leader with more than 30 years in leading learning & talent functions in large scale enterprises, Rob brings unique perspective and insights into today’s challenges in workforce development, learning and education technologies, business growth and performance outcomes. Rob has deep experience in the profession and has led world-class organizations as the Chief Learning Officer at McDonald’s Corp, Yum! Brands, Inc, and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T) impacting millions of lives around the world. He has also held learning leadership roles at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers), and Dun & Bradstreet. While at McDonald’s, Rob led the launch and growth of the Archways to Opportunity program – probably the largest and most comprehensive corporate pathway program to advanced education anywhere. Rob managed the overall strategy, execution, impact, and $50+ million-dollar annual spend. Rob has been recognized multiple times by CLO Magazine for his work, including being named Chief Learning Officer of the Year (2013) for achieving business impact, leading business change, learning technologies and global learning. He has also led teams recognized in the Top 50 of Training Magazine’s rankings across multiple years. He is frequently a participant in panel discussions, webinars, and learning profession related articles across the globe. Rob was a member of the Board of Directors from 2005 and the 2010 Chair of the Board of ATD (Association for Talent Development). In addition, he is a past board of directors’ member for Leadership Kentucky and chaired the Program Operating Committee for Kentuckiana Works, the metro-Louisville (KY) Workforce Development entity. He is currently the Founder of XLO Global LLC – a consultancy and advisory business designed to drive strategic value for business and workforce development efforts.

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June 21st, 11AM PT | 2PM ET
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