Welcome to the Strivr VIP demo experience.

When it comes to Immersive Learning, nothing is more powerful than putting on a VR headset and experiencing it for yourself.

Explore below and get ready to immerse yourself in engaging and memorable training on Strivr’s platform.

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Getting started with your demo kit

Keep an eye out for shipment emails with updates on your delivery. When the demo kit arrives, read through the enclosed instructions and charge the VR headset for at least two hours before using it.

While the headset’s charging, clear a small area in your home or office where there are no obstacles and you can move your arms freely. We like to recommend sitting in a swivel chair or standing in the center of a room so you can easily turn 360-degrees.

Once the headset is fully charged, take your position, put on the headset, and learn!


Operational efficiency

Conduct an aircraft inspection

Health & safety procedures

Get a realistic utility job preview

Emergency situations

Stay calm in an armed robbery scenario

Frontline employee productivity

Operate a new piece of retail technology


Help your team foster positive relationships


Deliver tough news to a direct report

Inclusive conversations

Practice inclusive behaviors and communication

NFL Quarterback demo

Read the defense and make the right decision

VR graphic showing four learning module options on a grey background
VR graphic showing a smiling black man sitting in an office

Strivr’s Immersive Learning Platform

Strivr’s Immersive Learning platform is the infrastructure that enables you to easily manage, scale, and measure Immersive Learning.

Imagine buying thousands of headsets for your business and then stepping into a seamless system where you can intuitively manage those devices and all of your VR content.

When you work with Strivr, we help you translate the comprehensive training data into business insights and analytics.

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