Enterprise VR training made simple.

What if your employees couldn’t wait to adopt the soft skills training you provided?

Unlike other immersive soft skills solutions, Strivr uses Virtual Reality for every training experience – never leaning on video or 2D simulations to accomplish what only VR can: full immersion.

Our platform has delivered over 1 million individual trainings across industry-leading enterprises. Discover the easy and powerful way to deliver VR soft skills training with proven enterprise impact.

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Strivr is the #1 Virtual Reality training platform for enterprise.



adoption of empathy training in just a few weeks



Very/extremely confident after VR vs. 59% before VR



more likely
to remember all six core values


Strivr, the leader in the market, has now been delivering soft skills training – interviewing, difficult situations, hostile encounters – for several years and has perfected the experience.

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst

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Strivr’s platform gives you the tools to easily design, build, deploy, and analyze immersive soft skills training.

Best-in-class services help you deliver consistent, realistic, and impactful learning.

We bring with us the experience of training one million employees in VR – the most ever by an enterprise platform.

Where we
can help

Customer service


Building empathy

Culture & values

Diversity & inclusion

Values training


New managers

Crisis communication

Coaching / feedback

Difficult conversations

Candidate assessments

New hires


Enterprise VR training resources to answer your most burning questions.

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