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When it comes to Immersive Learning, nothing is more powerful than putting on the VR headset and experiencing it for yourself.

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the experiences

Reduce safety incidents by experiencing a store robbery
Build situational awareness and muscle memory to react calmly and follow protocol

VR view with a scenario about preparing for a potential robbery in a retail store

Build soft skills in coaching direct reports
Practice active listening and communication style, then watch & listen to the playback of your performance

Close-up of a white woman's expressive hands

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Boost efficiency performing an aircraft inspection
Learn and execute the procedure in a hands-on way without the need for a real plane

Close up of the interior of the nose of an airplane.

BONUS: Take snaps as an NFL quarterback
Strivr started as a tool for quarterbacks to get reps off the field – now you can, too

Linebacker on a football playing field

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