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We’ve heard from our Insurance and Financial Services partners that the landscape has shifted quite a bit over the past year. Cost-saving initiatives, shifts in offerings, fostering inclusion internally and externally – there is so much to tackle. The one asset that most impacts your ability to execute these objectives is your people. At Strivr, we’re using VR-based Immersive Learning to train, upskill, and assess associates and advisors.

Our research and expertise shows that learning in an immersive environment provides people with crucial repetitions so they can measurably improve performance in interpersonal situations like sales, de-escalation, and difficult internal conversations. Below you’ll find three resources that highlight the impact Immersive Learning can have on your associates and Prudential’s business. Let me know of any thoughts or questions as you explore more on your Immersive Learning journey.

Soft skills

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Why employees handle difficult conversations better with VR training

One of the most critical capabilities for today’s employees, especially managers, is the ability to handle difficult conversations, which are happening in the workplace all the time. Check out this webinar to hear from Strivr’s product lead for soft skills why VR is so powerful for practicing these conversations, as well as a detailed walkthrough of what an experience looks, sounds, and feels like.

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Customer experience

Enhanced customer experience: VR training for the frontline employee

Financial Services companies like Prudential are turning to Virtual Reality (VR) to train and upskill their workforce with the interpersonal skills and operational techniques to excel at their roles. Read our ebook to see the different applications of VR training that drive business results related to customer experience.

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Creating inclusive workplaces with Immersive Learning

We’ve found that inclusive conversation training in VR can be a more effective path to an inclusive work environment than trying to eliminate exclusionary behaviors. Since presence in VR makes learners feel like they’re really in the scenario, they gain perspective from different viewpoints and internalize their training more deeply. With Immersive Learning as part of a robust DEI strategy, Prudential can make great strides towards a more inclusive workplace.

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