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Elevate performance through immersive experience

Strivr offers an end-to-end Immersive Learning platform that revolutionizes the way people and businesses train, learn, and perform.

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Drawing on 20+ years of research in immersive technology and behavioral science, Strivr leverages Virtual Reality to deliver highly impactful training at scale. Your team will develop new skills faster, spend less time away from the business, and gain unique, data-driven insights to improve performance.

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Increase retention
Reduce training time

Learners in VR get on-demand access to real-world scenarios in a safe environment. Businesses gain unique insights to assess performance and impact.



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reduction in training from 8 hours to 15 minutes


increase in customer satisfaction in 6 months

Trusted by
Fortune 500 leaders

Overall associate engagement is significantly higher when we use this type of training, and the knowledge retention is significantly higher.”

-Andy Trainor, VP of U.S. Learning, Walmart

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Performance Experts

More than just content inside a headset, Immersive Learning provides realistic, high-impact experiences to improve performance at work. Strivr offers the only end-to-end Immersive Learning solution, providing the software and professional services needed to deliver consistent, realistic, and effective training at scale.

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