Virtual Reality: The ultimate skill-building platform for Domino’s Pizza

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At Domino’s, safely and efficiently helping customers is critical, and onboarding new hires is more important than ever. How can you create a proficient workforce ready to contribute right away within your Supply Chain, Store Operations, and Customer Service, especially when it comes to safety guidelines, learning new processes, and communicating with customers?
Enter Immersive Learning.

VR-based Immersive Learning offers experiential training for hiring, onboarding, and upskilling, and has proven to reduce training times while improving knowledge retention. The resources below will enable your team at Domino’s to discover the top restaurant use cases and benefits, examples of how other restaurants have been successful, and steps for how to get started with Immersive Learning today.

Supply Chain

Improve supply chain efficiency with VR-based learning

Through Immersive Learning, we’ve helped many companies uplevel their supply chain training at scale – from realistic job previews during onboarding to hands-on practice loading and unloading. Our customers have reported reducing turnover by 2x, cutting time to proficiency by half, and decreasing safety incidents. Watch the 15-min webinar to learn more about VR training for supply chain.

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Customer experience

Enhanced customer experience: VR training for the frontline employee

Restaurant chains are turning to Virtual Reality (VR) to train and upskill their workforce with the interpersonal skills and operational techniques to excel at their roles. Read our ebook to see the different applications of VR training that drive business results related to customer experience.

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Creating inclusive workplaces with Immersive Learning

We’ve found that inclusive conversation training in VR can be a more effective path to an inclusive work environment than trying to eliminate exclusionary behaviors. Since presence in VR makes learners feel like they’re really in the scenario, they gain perspective from different viewpoints and internalize their training more deeply. With Immersive Learning as part of a robust DE&I strategy, Domino’s can make great strides towards a more inclusive workplace.

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