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Infographic: The Current State of Corporate Training and Why VR is the Future

You don’t have to look very long to find reports and studies that say there is widespread dissatisfaction with the learning function inside organizations around the world. A 2017 study found that 91% of learning & development professionals believe new approaches to learning and new technologies are needed. And as the workplace continues its rapid changes, the need to upskill and develop employees has never been greater.

Enter virtual reality (VR), which has become the solution to corporate learning’s problems. VR has drastically improved the way individuals learn and retain information–and corporate learning has taken notice. This infographic summarizes some of the reasons why corporate learning is looking for something more effective and something that will truly drive performance results across the organization. STRIVR customers have been using VR to improve bottom line business results, including cutting costs and improving productivity. In surveys done with STRIVR customers, 80% of trainees using VR believe they are more prepared to do their job after using VR for training, while at one large global auto manufacturer, an astounding 99% of trainees noted they would recommend VR training to a colleague.

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