Transforming employee experience with immersive learning

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Free ebook: Transforming employee experience with immersive learning

As the war for talent heats up, the domain of HR is changing rapidly. Attracting, training and retaining employees is more challenging than ever before. Workers today simply expect to be lifted up by tech, and where this expectation is not met, business suffers. But for most companies, employee learning experiences are still attached to old-fashioned methods that aren’t scalable or even all that effective.

In this ebook we explore:

  • A new approach to human capital
  • How to reinvent the employee experience
  • The definition of immersive learning and how to implement it at scale
  • The science behind VR-based learning and how companies use it to elevate performance

Immersive learning, especially in virtual reality (VR), is a dramatically new way to learn, and companies are seeing tremendous ROI from VR training. In fact, over one million employees are already learning with immersive technology.

Download the free ebook “Transforming employee experience with immersive learning” to learn about the tremendous impact that immersive learning has had on employee experience at companies like Walmart, Verizon and Fidelity.

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