Senior Software Engineer - VR

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Menlo Park, CA
Role Summary:
Did you know educational training is one of the top 5 industries virtual reality (VR) is expected to change? STRIVR did. Since 2015 this venture-backed startup has been using VR to create immersive training solutions for professional athletes and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Born out of Stanford University and the world-renowned Virtual Human Interaction Lab, the STRIVR team includes industry leaders that have been studying and building VR for 20+ years. With STRIVR spearheading the future of human performance and training, it’s an exciting time to make an impact.
• Architect, design, and implement software components, products, and systems that create immersive experiences • Architect, design, and implement the features to satisfy functional and non-functional requirements • Design and implement in-app instrumentation and telemetry • Identify, debug and fix defects in production code, test code, and the infrastructure. Derive systemic problematic patterns and address them • Get to have a meaningful impact on how employees are trained using our products
Skills and Experience:
• 5+ years of software engineering experience building applications or cloud services • 2+ years of development and testing experience with Game Engines (Unity or Unreal) and hands-on expertise in 3D Graphics (DirectX or OpenGL) • Proficiency in Java, C#, or C++ and Python is a plus • Experience with unit testing, mocking and dependency injection frameworks • Knowledge of architectural patterns (MVVM, MVC, etc.) is a big plus • Experience collaborating with cross-functional and geographically diverse teams • Passion for clean code and software quality, combined with agile delivery • Ability to employ a structured approach to solving technical problems. Ability to apply CS concepts, data-structures and algorithms to solve hard programming problems • Bachelors in Computer Science (CS) or equivalent field