Finally, A Useful Application For VR

Finally, a useful application for VR

Over the Thanksgiving holiday week, two notable publications featured stories about STRIVR. The New York Times featured STRIVR in a piece titled "Virtual Reality Companies Are Changing How Athletes See Practice". The article talks about all the ways athletic programs…

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Using VR To Improve Free Throw Percentage In The NBA

Using VR to Improve Free Throw Percentage in the NBA

We know from neuroscience research on learning that skills improvement is most effective with the right kinds of perceptual input. To help address free throw shooting, STRIVR developed a free throw shooting visualization tool. We’ve developed expertise on how to provide the right kinds of tools in order to replicate real-life environments.

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Using VR To Measure Engagement

Using VR to Measure Engagement

Defining customer engagement has always been a holy grail for researchers. Self-report techniques (such as focus groups) are subject to demand characteristics, where subjects either tell the moderator what s/he wants to hear, or otherwise have a hard time putting…

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Practice Makes The Champion

Practice Makes the Champion

“Übung macht den Meister”. A common German saying, this translates to “practice makes the champion”. A perfect phrase for our newest customer. We are proud to announce the Deutsher Fußball Bund (DFB)—or to Americans, the German National Soccer Federation—has joined…

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