La Sp Nfl Notes 20170810

2,647 Ways To Get Better

We couldn’t help but smile at the title of today’s article on ESPN about the Vikings QB Case Keenum.

How more than 2,500 virtual reality reps helped transform Case Keenum‘s game

The number is actually 2,647. Every week this season, after practice is over and his body rests, and it’s dark outside, and the rest of the players have gone home, Keenum goes back to work. But he’s not just looking at a piece of paper or studying a diagram. He’s sitting in a meeting room wearing a VR headset. Why? Because with that headset, Keenum is able to re-live practice, just as it was happening 4 hours earlier. Same sights, same sounds, same colors, same players, same everything. Just like the real thing. He got 23 solid reps on the field today. With STRIVR, he got 100 more. Which Keenum will be better: the one who got 23 reps or the one who got 123?

At STRIVR, we love to see stories like this. And we love it even more when success follows due to all that extra practice. 2,647 extra repetitions for Keenum translates to about 2x the number of plays he’s had all season in games. 2,647 extra repetitions has led to him being one of the most highly rated quarterbacks in 2017. And 2,647 extra repetitions means his team is on the brink of the Super Bowl (at time of writing). Read more to understand how Keenum uses STRIVR to up his game and how it has helped him perform better than ever before.

And that also begs the question…who is the next Case Keenum? Who is taking their game to the next level with 2,647 extra moments of practice? Another athlete? A front-line worker at a large QSR chain? A doctor, nurse, or surgeon? The big exec needing to give a keynote address? The operations lead in a manufacturing facility? Answer: all of them.