Customer Success Manager

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Los Angeles, CA
Role Summary:
STRIVR is proof that VR is a long-term play with real-world practicality. STRIVR is using VR to redefine the way people learn and train for critical, decision-making moments. Here, you will be supporting clients with a product that helps their team prepare, train and perform better in an innovative, unparalleled manner. This venture-backed startup creates human performance and training platforms used by NFL Athletes and Fortune 500 companies nationwide. These training products are customized to the environment and function of each human performance goal, so you’d be working with next-gen technology in a highly cognitive and strategic manner. Born out of Stanford University and the world renowned Virtual Human Interaction Lab, the STRIVR team includes industry leaders that have been studying and building VR for 20+ years. STRIVR’s first year of operation was 2015, and in that year, they generated seven-figures worth of revenue and reached profitability. Joining the Customer Success team means you’ll be at the forefront of this new arena in a role critical to mission success. You will be advising clients on how VR can impact learning and development objectives for real-world performance. Join to be a part of STRIVR’s success story, empowering companies nationwide with training programs that go beyond the traditional L&D capacity, entering a world of innovation and increased engagement. As a culture, STRIVR is scrappy, smart and fearless.
Retain. Add Value: Educate, Problem Solve, Advocate. Advise. Grow Partnership. Repeat. Establish a trusted, long-term partnership with STRIVR’s Fortune 500 clients by serving as the client advocate, trusted product adviser, and VR solutions partner. Retain and grow clients, therefore growing STRIVR revenue. Your expertise and consultative nature will be so profound that clients will seek your counsel for their training roadmaps based on business objectives ahead. Establish this profound value through strategic, well-played support that addresses the problem areas clients face today, and those they’re preparing to face down the road (from the technical usability of product through client pain points where STRIVR can expand support solutions). STRIVR is frequently implementing the first VR solution of its kind within massive organizations, so your efforts in advising user adoption and impact are key.
Skills and Experience:
• 3+ years in Account Management/Customer Success or Full Cycle Sales & Client Management for SaaS Enterprise solution(s) • Keen project management skills with a desire to be a cross-functional player in almost every business division • Infinitely curious, you ask why before what and approach each client in a consultative manner • Proven ability to convert clients post trail into full-fledged, loyal customers – ideally for complex technology solutions for SMB – Fortune 500 companies • Having 5+ points of contacts to manage per account from entry to C-suite levels is not new to you, and you keep a consistent, poised and prompt communication manner across all • Polished, organized, and value-driven communications across all verticals • You thrive in startup culture where navigating through sometimes grey, unknown, or never-before encountered scenarios energize you. No job is too big or too small. • You can drive revenue, maintain clients and manage onboarding to solution expansion in a personable yet concise manner • You are a team player – you show up for game day, train hard, and view success as a shared victory